Playing Back Videos

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Playing Back Videos


Playing Back Videos

Videos selected in the video list can be played back in the [Playback Videos] area. The appearance and operations of the [Playback Videos] area differ depending on the selected video format


[Recording Date & Time]

Displays the date and time of video frames that are being displayed.

[Playback Frame No.]

Displays frame numbers and total number of video frames that are being displayed.

[Playback Interval]

  • [Real Time] - JPEG video is played back in real time interval according to the recording time. The preceding JPEG video appears in an empty frame.

  • [Equal Interval] - JPEG video is played back at a 1-second interval.


  • [Real Time] can be selected only for playback of downloaded videos.

  • [Not Downloaded] or [Partially Downloaded] JPEG videos may not be played back in the order they were recorded.



Drag the slider to change playback position. The following buttons can also be used for playback.

[Save Playback Frame As]

Video frames that are being played back can be saved as a separate file.


Video in the H.264 format that has been downloaded to a PC can be played back on an external player.

[Number of Video files] - The number of files the video consist of is displayed.

[Playback with External Player] - Start up the external player (Windows Media Player, etc.) and the selected video is played back.


Õ When the file size for mov type files is 1 MB or greater, they are split into several files.

Õ If mov files are split into several files, only the initial few seconds of the first file can be played back.

[Open Video folder] - Open the folder storing the selected video. Double click the video file in the folder to play it back.


Õ The exported video files can be played back using QuickTime 7.7 and Windows Media Player 11/12. For an operating system other than Windows 7, use QuickTime. However, playback when using this software is not guaranteed.

Õ A JPEG video whose size is changed during recording, and is then exported to a mov file cannot be played back by Windows Media Player. Use QuickTime to play it back


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