Audio Input/Output Terminals (VB-H41 / vb-M40)

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Audio Input/Output Terminals (VB-H41 / vb-M40)


Audio Input/Output Terminals (VB-H41 / vb-M40)

Each audio input/output terminal has one input system and one output system.

Connecting the camera to an audio input/output device such as a microphone or a speaker with an amplifier allows you to send/receive audio through the viewer.

Audio Input Dual LINE IN/MIC IN (monaural input)

Although the camera has a single audio input system, it supports two types of microphone input:

LINE IN and MIC IN. Before using the audio input, change [Audio Input] on the Setting Page (see Ô?peration GuideÔ > Ô?udio InputÔ©. LINE IN is selected by default.

Input terminal: 3.5 mm ( 0.14 in.) mini jack (monaural)

Õ Dynamic MIC IN

Input impedence: 1.75 k? }20%

* Supported microphones: Output impedence: 400 ? Ö 600 ?

Õ Condenser MIC IN

Input impedence (microphone bias resistance): 2.2 k? }20%

Microphone power supply: plug-in power (voltage: 1.8 V)

* Supported microphones: Condenser microphones with plug-in power support


Input level: up to 1 Vp-p

* Use a microphone with an amplifier.

Audio Output Terminal LINE OUT (monaural output)

Connect the camera to a speaker with an amplifier. Audio can be sent to the speaker from Viewer.

Output terminal: 3.5 mm ( 0.14 in.) mini jack (monaural)

Output level: up to 1 Vp-p

* Use a speaker with an amplifier.


Õ Using incorrect settings for [Audio Input] may damage the camera and/or microphone. Be sure to configure the settings correctly.

Õ Microphone characteristics may affect volume and sound quality.

Õ Images and audio do not always synchronize properly.

Õ Audio may be interrupted depending on PC characteristics and network environment.

Õ Video and audio can be streamed to up to 30 clients. However, audio may be interrupted when streaming to many clients or using SSL.

Õ Audio may be interrupted when using antivirus software.

Õ Connecting and disconnecting the LAN cable interrupts the audio. Use the viewer to reconnect.



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