Connecting the Camera (VB-hH41 / VB-M40)

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Connecting the Camera (VB-hH41 / VB-M40)


Connecting the Camera (VB-hH41 / VB-M40)

Power Connection

Power can be supplied to the camera in the three ways described as follows.

PoE (Power over Ethernet)

The camera supports PoE functions. Power can be supplied to the camera by using a LAN cable to connect it to a PoE HUB that conforms to the IEEE 802.3af standard.


Õ Check with your dealer for more information about PoE HUB and Midspan technology.

Õ Some PoE HUBs allow current limits for each port, but applying limits may interfere with performance. If using this type of PoE HUB, do not limit the operating current.

Õ Some PoE HUBs have total consumption current limits for ports, which can interfere with performance when multiple ports are in use. For more information, check the instruction guide for your PoE HUB.

Õ Use a category 5 or higher cable 100 m (328 ft.) or less in length for the LAN cable that connects the camera and the PoE HUB.

Õ When the camera is connected to a switching HUB, changing the connection while the camera is operating may cause the HUB learning function to interfere with communication. Do not change the connection when the camera is operating.

Õ The camera can also be connected to an AC adapter (sold separately) while receiving power from a PoE HUB. In such cases, the PoE power supply is given priority, and the camera does not use the power supply from the AC adapter (sold separately). When the PoE power supply is disconnected, power is supplied automatically from the AC adapter (sold separately). Midspan (a LAN cable power supply device) is a device that, like a PoE HUB, supplies power to the camera via a LAN cable.

? External Power Supply

12 V DC or 24 V AC input can be used.

Connect the included power connector as shown below.

For 12 V DC and 24 V AC input, use a power supply insulated from 100 V AC.

12 V DC can be connected in a non-polar configuration.


Õ The power supply should be within the following voltage range.

Õ 24 V AC: Voltage fluctuation within ?}10% of 24 V AC (50 Hz or 60 Hz ?}0.5 Hz or less) Current supply capacity of at least 1.0 A per camera

Õ 12 V DC: Voltage fluctuation within ?}10% of 12 V DC Current supply capacity of at least 1.5 A per camera

Õ When using a 12 V DC battery power supply, be sure to connect resistors of at least 0.5 Ö 1.0 ?/20 W in series to the power line.

Õ For an external power supply, use a double-insulated device

AC Adapter

Use the dedicated PA-V17 AC adapter (sold separately).


Õ The camera does not have a power switch. Connecting and disconnecting the LAN cable (PoE power supply), AC adapter, or external power supply plug turns the power ON and OFF, respectively.

Õ When the camera needs to be rebooted, perform the reboot operation from the camera setting page (see Ô?peration GuideÔ > Ô“etting PageÔ > Ô?aintenanceÔ©.


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