Check the printer port and assign the correct port - MX922
Article ID: ART168835 | Date published: 11/03/2017 | Date last updated: 04/10/2019


Learn how to check and correct the printer driver port on your computer. This is useful when your printer does not print.


Difficulty printing might be caused by an incorrect printer port assignment.

Check the port

  1. Log on to the computer. You may need administrator privileges to perform this task.
  2. Navigate to the printer settings on your computer. An easy way to get to the printer settings is to press and hold the Windows  key and type R.  In the Run box, type control printers and click OK.

  3. Select the Canon printer and locate the printer properties. You may need to right-click the printer, click manage, or highlight it depending on your operating system. 

  4. Select the Ports tab to confirm the port settings.

  5. Make sure that a port named "USBnnn" (where n is a number and it is connected via USB) or "CNBJNP_xxxxxxxxxx" (when connected via LAN)

  6. Check that "Canon <nnn> Printer" (where n is the printer name) appears in the printer column. 

Correct the port setting

  • Reinstall the MP drivers. You can use the CD-ROM that came with the printer or download them
  • If printing doesn't start and you are using a LAN connection, launch the IJ Network Tool. Select "CNBJNP_xxxxxxxxxx" and then associate the port with the printer using Associate Port in the Settings menu.

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