Replace or Reseat Ink Tanks - PIXMA MG5420, MG5422

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Learn how to replace or reseat ink tanks in the PIXMA MG5420 or MG5422 printer.


Follow the steps below to replace or reseat an ink tank.
  1. Make sure the printer is turned ON.

  2. Hold the sides of the paper output tray, and gently open it.

  3. Lift the operation panel. The print head holder moves to the ink tank replacement position. Wait until it stops moving.

    Operation panel cover being opened
  4. Push the tab (A) on an ink tank and lift it out of the printer.

    Tab (A) being pressed to eject ink tank
  5. Remove any other ink tanks from the holder if they need to be changed (see slide show images below). 

    In tank removal demonstrated in 6 steps
  6. Take the ink tank out of the package, and completely remove the orange tape 1 and protective film 2. Make sure to remove the tape from the Y-shape air hole (B).
    Caution Handle an ink tank carefully. If you drop it or apply excessive pressure, the ink may splash and the machine may not print properly.

    Figure shows orange tape attached, and being pulled off (1) and (2) and Y-shaped hole (B)

  7. Hold the ink tank with orange cap (C) pointing up, and carefully remove the cap, being careful not to block the Y-shape air hole (D) 
    Caution Try not to touch the inside of the orange cap (C) or the open ink port (B). Both may stain your hands.
    Note Discard the cap and used ink tanks according to local laws for consumables.

  8. Insert the ink tanks into their proper slots (see slide show images below).

    7 steps showing ink tank being inserted into proper slot
    • Insert the front end of the ink tank into the print head at a slant. Make sure the position of the ink tank matches the label.

      Ink take positioned for insertion
    • Press on the top of the ink tank until it snaps firmly into place. Make sure the ink lamp lights up red.

      Snapping ink tank into place
  9. Gently close the operation panel.

    Figure shows outer cover being closed

Note If the print head carriage returns to the home position before the ink tank is installed, close the operation panel and reopen it as shown in step 3 (above).

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