Checking the Available Connection Methods for the Wireless LAN (MF8580Cdw/MF8280Cw)

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Checking the Available Connection Methods for the Wireless LAN (MF8580Cdw/MF8280Cw)


Before You Start

Follow these steps to connect the machine to a network.

1. Check your computer settings.


Make sure that the computer is correctly connected to the network. For more information, see the instruction manuals for the devices you are using, or contact the device manufacturers.

Make sure that the network settings have been completed on the computer. If the network has not been set up properly, you will not be able to use the machine on the network, even if you perform the rest of the procedure below.
  • Depending on the network, you may need to change settings for the communication method (half-duplex/full-duplex) or the Ethernet type (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX). For more information, contact your Internet service provider or network administrator.
  • To check the MAC address of the machine.
  • To connect to an IEEE 802.1X network.

2. Select wired or wireless LAN.

b_C565.gif see " Basic Network Settings "

3. Connect to a wired or wireless LAN.


Proceed to the section that corresponds to the setting you selected in step 2.

4. Set the IP address as necessary.


This step is required when you want to assign a specific IP address to the machine or change the dynamic IP addressing protocol from the default DHCP.

Selecting Wireless LAN

After you decide wireless LAN to connect the machine to the computer, select wireless LAN using the operation panel. Note that if you change the setting from <Wired LAN> to <Wireless LAN> or vice versa, you will need to uninstall MF Drivers installed on your computer and then reinstall them.

1. Press [ ].

2. Use [ ] / [ ] to select <Network Settings>, and press [ ].

  • If the logon screen appears, enter the correct ID and PIN using the numeric keys, and then press [ ].

3. Select <Select Wired/Wireless LAN> and press [ ].

4. Select <Wireless LAN> and press [ ].


5. Press [ ].

Connecting to a Wireless LAN

Wireless routers (or access points) connect the machine to a computer via radio waves. If your wireless router is equipped with Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), configuring your network is automatic and easy. If your networking devices do not support automatic configuration, or if you want to specify authentication and encryption settings in detail, you need to manually set up the connection. Make sure that your computer is correctly connected to the network.

  • Risk of information leak
Use wireless LAN connection at your own discretion and at your own risk. If the machine is connected to an unsecured network, your personal information might be leaked to a third party because radio waves used in wireless communication can go anywhere nearby, even beyond walls.
  • Wireless LAN security
The wireless LAN security that is supported by the machine is listed below. For the wireless security compatibility of your wireless router, see the instruction manuals for your networking devices or contact your manufacturer.
- 128 (104)/64 (40) bit WEP

Required devices for wireless LAN connection
- The machine does not come with a wireless router. Have the router ready as necessary.
- The wireless router must conform to IEEE 802.11b/g/n and be able to communicate in 2.4 GHz bandwidth. For more information, see the instruction manuals for your networking devices or contact your manufacturer.

Setting Up Connection Using WPS

When using WPS, two modes are available: push button mode and PIN code mode.

  • Push Button Mode
Find the WPS mark shown below on the package of your wireless router. Also make sure that there is a WPS button on your networking device.


  • PIN Code Mode
Some WPS routers do not support the push button mode. If WPS PIN code mode is mentioned on the package or in the instruction manuals of your networking device, set up the connection by entering the PIN code.
If the wireless router is set to use WEP authentication, you may not be able to set up connection using WPS.

Manually Setting Up Connection

When manually setting up a wireless connection, you can either select a wireless router or manually enter the required information. Regardless of the method, make sure that you have the required setup information, including the SSID and network key.

  • Selecting a Wireless Router
Select this setup option if you need to manually set up the connection but want to complete the setup as easily as possible.

  • Manually Entering the Setup Information
If you want to specify security settings in detail, such as authentication and encryption settings, manually enter the SSID and network key to set up the connection.

Setting the Wireless LAN Using WPS (MF8580Cdw/MF8280Cw) Setting the Wireless LAN Manually (MF8580Cdw/MF8280Cw)



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