Support codes displayed on the MX452 / MX459

Article ID: ART140283 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 04/28/2020


Learn about the support codes you may see on the screen of the PIXMA MX452 / MX459.


Support Code List

The support code appears on the LCD and the computer screen when an error occurs.

"Support Code" means the error number and appears with an error message.

When an error occurs, check the support code displayed on the LCD or the computer screen and take the appropriate action.

The codes below are for the MX452 and MX459.  If you have a different model,  click here 

Support Code Appears on the LCD and the Computer Screen

About the support code for paper jam, you can also refer to Support Code List (When Paper Is Jammed)



MX452 Page          MX459 Page


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