Connecting an external microphone (XA25 / XA20)

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Connecting an external microphone (XA25 / XA20)


The procedure for connecting an external microphone is explained below.

For more information on settings, refer to the Related information.

Attaching the Handle Unit

To use the INPUT 1/INPUT 2 terminals,, infrared light, and tally lamp, attach the HDU-1 handle unit to the camcorder.

1. Use the supplied screws to attach the microphone holder unit to the handle unit ().

2. () Align the handle unit with the handle attachment unit and then () slide the handle unit forward until it is in place.
  • Make sure the front and rear screws are raised when you slide the handle unit.

XA20: Make sure to turn the screws and remove the cover before using.

3. Firmly tighten the front and rear screws with a coin or similar object.

Attach the external microphone

1. Loosen the microphone lock screw (), open the microphone holder and insert the microphone ().

2. Tighten the lock screw () and put the microphone cable through the microphone cable clamp under the microphone holder ().

3. Plug the microphone cable into the desired INPUT terminal or the MIC terminal ().

Setting procedures for Microphones (XA25 / XA20)



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