How to set Continuous Shooting (PowerShot N)
Article ID: ART140651 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


How to set Continuous Shooting (PowerShot N)


If you hold the shutter ring all the way down, you can shoot continuously at 2.3 images per second.
  • The following explanations are provided based on the assumption that the [Shooting Mode] is set to [Program AE] ().
  • Cannot be used with the self-timer.
  • During continuous shooting, focus and exposure are locked at the position/level determined when you pressed the shutter ring halfway.
  • Shooting may stop momentarily or continuous shooting may slow down depending on shooting conditions, camera settings, and the zoom position.
  • As more shots are taken, shooting may slow down.
  • Shooting may slow down if the flash fires.
  • With Touch Shutter, the camera will only take one shot instead of shooting continuously.

1. Press the power button to turn the camera on.

2. Touch [FUNC.] ().

3. The following screen appears.

Touch [Drive Mode] ().

4. The following screen appears.

Touch [Continuous] (), and then touch [ ].

5. The following screen appears.

If the [Continuous] () icon is displayed on the upper-left part of the screen, the setting is completed.

... The continuous shooting settings can be made in these shooting modes.
- ... The continuous shooting settings cannot be made in any of these shooting modes.
Shooting Modes

--- -

If you use Face ID in [ ], the name recorded in the image will be fixed to the location where it is displayed in the first shot. Even if the subject moves, the name will stay fixed in the same position for any subsequent shots.