Received Image Reduction (MF6550, MF6560, MF6580)

Article ID: ART140728 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 10/16/2015


You can print received documents in a reduced size.


1. Press [Additional Functions].

2. Use [] or [] to select <FAX SETTINGS>, then press [OK].

3. Use [] or [] to select <PRINTER SETTINGS>, then press [OK].

4. Confirm that <RECEIVE REDUCTION> is displayed, the press [OK].

5. Press [] or [] to select <ON>, then press [OK].

6. Use [] or [] to select <RECEIVE REDUCTION> or <REDUCE DIRECTION> then press [OK].

If you select <REDUCE DIRECTION>, skip to step 10.

7. Use [] or [] to select <AUTO> or <FIXED REDUCTION>, the press [OK].

If you select <AUTO>, adjust the image reduction automatically. Skip to step 9.

8. Use [] or [] to select a preset reduction ration (97%, 95%, 90%, or 75%), then press [OK].

9. Confirm that <REDUCE DIRECTION> is displayed, then press [OK].

10. Use [] or [] to select <VERTICAL ONLY> or < HORIZ & VERTICAL>, then press [OK].

  • <VERTICAL ONLY>: Reduces the document vertically only.
  • <HORIZ & VERTICAL>: Reduces the document horizontally and vertically.

11. Press [Stop] to return to standby mode.

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