Software / Manuals for New Cameras

Article ID: ART140730 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 03/25/2019


Software / Manuals for New Cameras


In an effort to be more green, Canon no longer includes a printed manual, USB connection cables, or a Software CD. Located in the box at the time of purchase,you will find an information sheet with some basic spec and safety information. Also on the paper is a link that gives information on where to download Digital Camera Manuals/Software: Once on this site: 1. Click on your country and this will take you to the Support and Drivers page. 2. Click on Consumer & Home Office. 3. Under Product Family, click on PowerShot Cameras. 4. Under Product Series, click on PowerShot Series you own (A, ELPH, S, SX, G). 5. Under Models, select your model and this will take you to where you can select "Brochures & Manuals", "Drivers & Software" . . . etc.

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