Change Fax Transmission Report Settings on a PIXMA MX922

Article ID: ART141061 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 02/27/2020


Learn how to change the fax settings on your PIXMA MX922 to turn on / off the TX (Transmission) report.


Follow the steps below to change the fax settings on your PIXMA MX922.

Fax transmission (TX) report options

The following settings are available for printing a TX (Transmission) report:

  • Print for each TX (prints every time a fax is sent)

  • Print error only (prints only when an error occurs)

  • Do not print (never prints a report)

How to change the Transmission report

Use the up/down and left/right arrow buttons UPDOWN to make selections in the instructions below.
  1. Make sure that the printer is turned ON.

  2. Press the MENU button.

  3. At the menu screen, select Setup, then press OK.
    Setup icon

  4. Select Device settings, then press OK.
    Device settings icon

  5. Select FAX settings, then press OK.

  6. Select Auto print settings, then press OK.

  7. Select TX report, then press OK.

  8. Select the desired option.

    • Print for each TX

    • Print error only

    • Do not print

  9. Press the OK button.

  10. If you selected Print error only or Print for each TX, choose Yes or No for Attach TX image, then press OK.
    Note If you choose Yes, the first page of the fax prints along with the report.

  11. Press the FAX button to return to standby.

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