Types of recording modes and changing the recording modes (XA25 / XA20)

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Types of recording modes and changing the recording modes (XA25 / XA20)


Recording modes

The camcorder offers various recording modes, depending on whether the movie format is AVCHD or MP4. When you record an MP4 movie with a recording mode of 3 Mbps, you can upload it to an FTP server and begin editing right away. In addition, for AVCHD movies, when the recording mode is set to 28 Mbps LPCM (59.94P) or 24 Mbps LPCM, you can enjoy two-channel linear PCM audio recording with a sampling frequency of 48 kHz.
Recording modes by movie format
Movie formatRecording modeResolutionAudio format
AVCHD28 Mbps LPCM (59.94P) 1920 x 1080 Linear PCM
28 Mbps (59.94P) Dolby Digital
24 Mbps / LPCM Linear PCM
24 Mbps Dolby Digital
17 Mbps
5 Mbps 1440 x 1080
MP4 35 Mbps (59.94P) 1920 x 1080AAC
24 Mbps
17 Mbps
4 Mbps 1280 x 720
3 Mbps 640 x 360

For approximate recording times, see Movie-recording Times for Memory Cards (XA25 / XA20).
  • Depending on the portable device, you may not be able to play back your recordings.
  • AVCHD scenes recorded at 28 Mbps cannot be saved on AVCHD discs. Use an external Blu-ray
Disc recorder compliant with AVCHD Ver. 2.0 specifications to copy those movies onto Blu-ray discs.
  • The following types of MP4 scenes will be recognized as multiple files on other devices.
- Scenes exceeding 4 GB
- Scenes recorded at 35 Mbps exceeding 30 minutes
- Scenes recorded with a recording mode other than 35 Mbps exceeding 1 hour
  • Depending on the TV, you may not be able to play back scenes recorded at 28 Mbps (AVCHD) or 35 Mbps (MP4).
- When the recording mode is set to 28 Mbps (AVCHD) or 35 Mbps (MP4), dual recording is not available.
- In [CINEMA] mode, 28 Mbps (AVCHD) and 35 Mbps (MP4) recording modes are not available.
  • The camcorder uses a variable bit rate (VBR) to encode video so the actual recording times will vary depending on the subject.

Change the settings

1. Set the power switch to <CAMERA>.

2. Touch [ ].

3. Touch [ ].

4. Touch [ ].

5. Drag your finger up and down bring [Recording mode] into the orange selection bar, then touch the button.

6. Touch the desired recording mode.

7. Touch [ ].



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