Wi-Fi Setup Using Cableless Method - PIXMA MG7120 Printer

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Find out how to use the cableless setup method to connect the PIXMA MG7120 to a wireless network (LAN).


These instructions walk you through the "Cableless setup" process to connect the MG7120 to your wireless router.

There are two parts to the setup:

  1. Download and run the setup file on your computer.
  2. Connect your printer to the network.

1. Download and run the Setup file

  1. Download the software file. (If your computer has a CD drive, you can use the Setup CD-ROM.)

  2. From your computer's downloads folder, double-click on the .exe file (for example: Win-MG7100-1_0-ucd.exe).

  3. If the User Account Control dialog box appears during the setup, select Yes or Continue.

  4. Select Next on the initial screen.

    Next Selected from Intro screen

2. Connect your printer to the network

  1. On the Connection Method Selection screen (1-1) select Network Connection, then select Wireless Connection on screen (1-2).

    Screen 1-1 shows Network Connection button selectedScreen 1-2 shows Wireless Connection button selected

  2. Select Connect to the network on the Printer Setup (2-1) screen.

    Connect to the Network button selected on the 2-1 Printer Setup screen

  3. If the HOME button on your printer is lit, touch the HOME button and select Next on the Printer Setup (2-2) screen.

    Shows home button lit up, with Next button selected at bottom right of screen

  4. On the printer, swipe the screen left or right, and tap the WLAN icon. Then tap Wireless LAN setup and select Next on the Printer Setup (2-3) screen.

    Printer Setup (2-3) screen with Next selected at bottom right

  5. If your printer display is the same as example A, tap To other connection methods. The display will then change to display example B. When the display changes to B (or if it was B to begin with), tap Other setup.

    imageScreen A sample shows the text: To start setup, tap Start Setup on the device. Shown selected is the text: To other connection methods.imageScreen shows sample B, Wireless LAN setup screen with Other setup selected.

  6. Select Other Methods on the Setup Procedure Selection screen (3-1).

    Screen 3-1 Setup Procedure Selection Screen shows Other Methods selected

  7. On the Setup Procedure Selection screen (3-2), select Other setup. On screen (3-3) select Cableless setup.

    Setup Procedure Selection screen (3-2) with Other setup shown selected. Setup Procedure Selection screen(3-3) with Cableless setup selected

  8. On the printer touch-screen, tap Other setup and then select Next at the (4-1) screen. On the printer, tap Cableless setup and select Next on the (4-2) screen.

     Printer screen (4-1), Other setup and Next selectedPrinter touch screen (4-2), Cableless setup and Next selected

  9. Tap OK on your printer touch-screen. Select Next on the Connection via Cableless setup screen (4-3).

    Next selected on the Connection via Cableless setup screen (4-3).

  10. On the Software Installation List, select software to install*‚Äč and select Next.

    *MP Drivers is required and can't be deselected. We recommend that you install My Image Garden and Quick Menu to take full advantage of the printer's features.


  11. When the Setup Completion dialog box appears, select Complete. At this point, setup and printer connection is complete.

    Setup complete screen with the Complete button chosen

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