Insert and use a USB flash drive with your MX922 printer

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Learn how to insert a USB flash drive into your PIXMA MX922 printer.


Types of images you can save to a USB flash drive

  • This machine accepts images taken with a camera compliant with the Design rule for Camera File system (Exif 2.2/2.21/2.3 compliant), TIFF (Exif 2.2/2.21/2.3 compliant). Other image or movie types such as RAW images cannot be printed.
  • The machine accepts images scanned and saved with the machine when Doc.type is set to Photo and Format is set to JPEG (file extension ".jpg").
  • This device incorporates exFAT technology licensed from Microsoft.

To insert the USB flash drive

See the diagram below for the location of USB flash drive port on your printer.

Note: Make sure that the USB flash drive is correctly oriented before inserting it straightforward into the USB flash drive port.

Good to know


  • If your USB flash drive cannot be inserted into the USB flash drive port of the machine, you may be required to use an extension cable for the USB flash drive. Purchase it at electronics retail stores.

  • Some USB flash drives may have recognition problem, and these devices may not guarantee proper operation of the machine.
  • You may not be able to use USB flash drives with security function.

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