Scan to a USB Flash Drive From the Panel of a PIXMA MX922

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Learn how to scan documents directly to a USB flash drive from the PIXMA MX922 operation panel.


Follow these steps to scan to a USB flash drive from your printer's operation panel.

  1. Turn the printer ON.

  2. Insert a flash drive into the USB port at the lower left (front) of the printer.

    lower left USB port.
  3. Press the SCAN button.

  4. Use the left / right arrow LEFTRIGHT buttons to select USB flash drive, then press OK.
    Note You may have to press the left Function button to display the save data selection screen.

    LCD screen showing scan files destinations

  5. Select Save to USB flash drive, then press OK.

  6. Use the left / right arrow arrow​ LEFTRIGHT  buttons to select the document type.

    LCD screen showing document type for scanned files
  7. Press the right Function button to adjust scan settings. Use the up / down arrow   buttons to select the setting item or the left / right arrow LEFTRIGHT buttons to choose the setting, then press OK.

  8. Load the original document on the glass surface or in the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF).

  9. Press the Color button for a color scan, or the Black button for black & white scan.
    Note If Preview in scan settings is ON, you’ll see the scan preview on the printer panel.

  • To rescan the original, press the left Function button. You'll get a new preview. (You can rotate scan previews in PDF formats with the right Function button.)

  • Press OK to save the scan to your USB flash drive.

  1. Remove the original when the scan completes.

Good to know

How files are saved

  • When the original is in the automatic feeder, the data saves in a single file on the flash drive.

  • When the original is on the platen glass:

    • For JPEG format, one file per item scanned is saved on the flash drive.

    • For PDF or Compact PDF format: After the scan, a confirmation screen asks if you want to continue.
      To continue, load the next original on the glass. This scan is added to the file. You can save up to 100 pages in one PDF file.
      To stop, press the left Function button. The scan saves as one PDF file.


About the data files

  • You can save up to 2000 files in PDF and JPEG data format.

  • The folder and file name of scanned data on the USB flash drive is as follows:

    • Folder name: (file extension: PDF): CANON_SC\DOCUMENT\0001

    • Folder name: (file extension: JPG): CANON_SC\IMAGE\0001

    • File name: Running numbers, starting from SCN_0001

    • File date: The date and time as set in the machine. Learn how to set the date and time.

Prevent data loss

Follow these guidelines to reduce the loss of your scanned data

  • Don't remove the USB flash drive from the printer while a scan is in progress or before saving the scanned data.

  • Periodically back up your USB flash drive to another media. We aren't responsible for any data loss.

  • If the USB flash drive fills while a scan is in progress, only the images already scanned can be saved.


Additional details

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