Using Movie Digital Zoom (EOS 70D)

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Using Movie Digital Zoom (EOS 70D)


Icons used on this page:
[ ]: Movie shooting tab 2 /<>: Movie Shooting / < >: Start/Stop button / <>: Multi-controller
When digital zoom is set, the following conditions will apply:
  • Still photo shooting is not possible.
  • Since movie digital zoom processes the image digitally, the image will look rougher at higher magnifications. Noise, light spots, etc., may also become noticeable.
  • When movie digital zoom is set, the scene icon will not be displayed.
  • When movie digital zoom is set, the maximum ISO speed will be ISO 6400 (it cannot be expanded to H: equivalent to ISO 12800). Also, magnified view is not possible.
  • the camera will focus with [FlexiZone - Single] (fixed at center).
  • If you use movie digital zoom, contrast-detection AF will be used regardless of the lens used. The AF speed will therefore become slow.
  • Movie Servo AF will not work.
  • Use a tripod to prevent camera shake.
  • If you would like the exposure control to be adjusted automatically, set the camera to a shooting mode other than <M>.

1. Set the camera's power switch to <ON>.

2. Set the Live View shooting/Movie shooting switch to <>.
The reflex mirror will make a sound, then the image will appear on the LCD monitor.

3. Press the <MENU> button to display the menu screen.

4. Under the [ ] tab, select [Digital zoom], then press <>.

5. Select [Approx. 3-10x zoom], then press <>.
Press the <MENU> button to exit the menu and return to movie shooting.

6. Press the <> button. The digital zoom bar will appear.
  • Press the <> key to zoom in or press the <> key to zoom out.

7. Press the <> button to start shooting a movie.
  • While the movie is being shot, the "" mark will be displayed on the upper right of the screen.

8. To stop shooting the movie, press the <> button again.

  • To cancel digital zoom, set [Disable] in step 4.



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