Scanner is not recognized properly by Windows or imageFORMULA Utility.

Article ID: ART141608 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 09/13/2018


Follow these steps to correct an issue where Windows or the imageFORMULA Utility may not recognize the scanner properly.


ISSUE: DR Scanner may not be recognized properly by Windows or the imageFORMULA Utility

DETAILS OF THE PROBLEM: If connecting an imageFORMULA scanner to a computer in which a USB camera is installed, Windows may write inconsistent device IDs to the WIA registry.  As a result, Windows might not be able to recognize the installed scanner and the scanner will not scan.



This issue MAY re-occur when Windows recognizes the scanner as a "new scanner" due to:

  • The scanner is connect to a new USB port.
  • The scanner's firmware has been upgraded.


A "Restoration Tool for Scanner Registry" utility is available to correct this issue. This utility will:

  1. Investigate whether or not this issue is occurring with your PC.
  2. If the issue does occur, the utility will repair the issue.

NOTE: If you do not see the "Restoration Tool for Windows Registry" under your scanner's model page, please go to a current model's page (i.e. DR-C225WII) to download it.


Double-click on the RepairReg.exe file to run the "Restoration Tool for Scanner Registry" utility. The following dialogue box will appear:

Click the START button.

The utility starts to investigate the WIA registry and determine if there is an inconsistency with the device IDs which makes the issue occur.

If there is no issue, the below window will be displayed. Click the OK button to close the window.

If an inconsistency issue occurs, the utility will automatically fix the issue, and the following dialogue box will be displayed.

Click OK to close the window. 

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