E03 Error - Paper Jam (MG3220, MG3222)



E03 Error - Paper Jam (MG3220, MG3222)


E03 Error

Alarm Lamp Is Lit Orange

When a machine error occurs, the Alarm lamp is lit orange and the error code as follows is displayed on the LED. Check the error code displayed on the LED and take the appropriate action to correct the error.

* Depending on the error occurred, the Alarm lamp is not lit.

Note:  "Support Code" on the table below means the error number. It appears on the computer screen with a message when an error occurs.

Support Code

Error Code






E, 0, 3

figure: LED

(LED display)

Paper jam.

The paper may be jammed. Remove the jammed paper, reload paper properly in the machine, then press the Black or Color button.

Paper Jams

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