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Learn how to use a credit or calling card to send faxes with your PIXMA MX922 printer / fax.


Instructions for faxing with a calling card

A calling or credit card can be used when sending faxes locally, long distance, or even overseas.
  1. See the back of the card for instructions on the exact dialing sequence.
    For instance, dial the toll free number provided by the vendor just as you would to make a regular phone call.
  2. If you are prompted to enter the calling card, do so.
  3. If a PIN or access code needs to be entered before the fax number is dialed, do so.

For example you might enter the following:
  • An 800 number (12 digits) - 18005551212
  • The card number (16 digits) - 1111222233334444
  • Access code or pin (five digits) - 12345
  • Long distance number (11 digits) - 12065551212

Good to know

  • Pauses are an important addition to the dialing process. They allow the various systems to connect and expect the next string of numbers.
    • It might take some experimentation to discover how many pauses to add. Using the example numbers, the complete dialing string might be 18005551212pp1111222233334444pp12345pp12065551212.
    • The length of the pause is can be changed from the default of two seconds to nine seconds in the Pause time settings menu.

Speed dial
  • You can use coded speed dial to simplify card use by breaking the dialing process into two or more speed dial entries.
  • Each speed dial entry can have a maximum of 40 digits.
    For example, you could use one speed dial entry for the 800 provider and calling card number, save the access code to another speed dial entry, and then enter the fax number manually or use an additional speed dial entry. 

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