Replace an Ink Cartridge - PIXMA MG2420, MG2520

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Learn how to replace the ink cartridge in your PIXMA MG2420 or MG2520.


Before you begin

There are a few things to know about replacing the ink cartridge.

  • If you remove the cartridge, replace it immediately. If either the black or color cartridge isn't installed, an error occurs and the machine can't print.

  • Use a new ink cartridge. A used ink cartridge may cause the nozzles to clog and it won't tell you when it's time for a replacement.

  • Don't leave a new ink cartridge out in the open after the packaging is removed. This causes the cartridge to dry out, and the machine may not operate properly once the cartridge is installed.

  • The inside of the machine may be stained with ink. Be careful not to stain your hands or clothing when replacing the cartridge. You can use a clean white cloth to gently wipe off any ink inside the machine.

  • ​To maintain optimal print quality, use the cartridge within six months of first use.

Remove the empty cartridge

  1. Make sure the printer power is on.

  2. Retract the paper output tray and the output tray extension.

  3. Open the cover. The cartridge holder moves to the replacement position. Wait until the holder stops moving. Don't touch it or try to stop it.

    Cover in open position

    Note If the cover is left open for more than 10 minutes, the cartridge holder may move and the Alarm lamp light. If this happens, close then reopen the cover.

  4. Push down on the ink cartridge until it clicks, then remove it (see image slide show below).
    Downward push on ink cartridge, then removal
    Caution Don't touch the electrical contacts (A) or print head nozzle (B). The machine may not print properly if you touch them.

    shows electrical contacts A and B on print nozzle

Insert the new ink cartridge

(Link to Compatible Ink Cartridges)
  1. Take the new ink cartridge out of its package and gently remove the protective tape (C).

    Protective tape C being removed
  2. Insert the cartridge into the holder at a slant (see image slide show below).

    Insertion of cartridge at a slant
  3. Push the cartridge in and up firmly until it snaps into place. The color cartridge goes on the left and the black on the right.

    Cartridge snapping into place

    Caution Insert the cartridge so it doesn't hit the electrical contacts on the cartridge holder. Don't touch the metallic parts or other parts inside the machine.

    Warning not to touch electrical contacts
  4. Check to make sure the cartridges are installed properly and lined up evenly.

    Waning not to continue if cartridges are installed improperly
  5. Close the cover.

  6. Perform the print head alignment.
    Note The machine starts cleaning the print head automatically. Don't perform any other operations until the machine completes the cleaning.

Caution Discard the empty ink cartridge according to the local laws and regulations.



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