Onscreen Icons and Displays (XA25 / XA20)

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Onscreen Icons and Displays (XA25 / XA20)


Recording Movies

    Control button [FUNC.]:
    Open the FUNC. panel
    Remaining recording time*3
    / On the memory card

    / Relay recording
    Smart AUTO Recording mode
    Autofocus mode Movie format
    Face detection;
    Autofocus only for faces
    Frame rate, recording mode and
    movie format for dual recording*4
    Peaking Audio peak limiter
    Wi-Fi Remote function Zebra pattern
    Control button [PHOTO]: Take a photo Conversion lens
    (Wide attachment shown)
    While recording/during playback:
    Time code (hours : minutes : seconds : frames)
    Recording command
    Operation*1 Face detection frame
    Remote sensor off Level marker
    Video snapshot length
    Tracking frame
    Image stabilizer Audio level indicator
    (INPUT terminals)
    Frame rate Linear PCM audio
    Remaining battery time*2 Audio channel

*1 :Record,
:Record pause,
:Playback pause,
:Fast playback,
:Fast reverse playback,
:Slow playback/Slow reverse playback,
: Frame advance/Frame reverse.
*2 The icon shows a rough estimate of the remaining charge as a percentage of the full charge of the battery pack. The remaining recording/playback time of the battery pack is displayed, in minutes, next to the icon.

  • When the battery charge becomes low,  will appear in yellow. When the battery pack is exhausted, will appear in red. Replace or charge the battery pack.
  • When you attach an empty battery pack, the power may turn off without displaying .
  • Depending on the conditions under which the camcorder and the battery pack are used, the actual battery charge may not be indicated accurately.
  • When the camcorder is off, press B to display the charge status of a battery pack. The Intelligent System will display the charge status (as a percentage) and the remaining recording time (in minutes) for 5 seconds. If the battery pack is exhausted, the battery information may not be displayed.
*3 When there is no more free space on a memory card, [ End] (memory card A) or [ End] (memory card B) will be displayed in red and the recording will stop.
  • During slow & fast motion recording mode, the shooting frame rate and playback frame rate will be displayed.
*4 When dual recording is activated, information for memory cards will be displayed.

  • mode

  • mode
    Recording program
    Infrared mode
    Infrared light on/off
    Audio scene select
    Exposure compensation External audio input from
    the MIC terminal
    AGC limit; Gain
    (during the [Manual Exposure]
    recording program)
    Digital tele-converter
    Manual focus Microphone attenuator
    Backlight correction Audio level indicator
    (built-in microphone/MIC terminal)
    White balance Aperture value
    GPS Shutter speed
    Image effects ND filter
    Slow & fast motion recording
    (shooting frame rate/playback frame rate)
    Control button [FILTER 1]:
    Cinema-look filters
    Wind screen

Playing Movies (during playback)

Playback control buttons Data code
Scene number Volume controls

Viewing Photos

Control button [MENU]:
Open the setup menus
Control button [ ]:
Return to the photo index screen
Current photo / Total number of photos Control button [ ]:
Photo jump
File number

You can press to turn off most icons and displays.



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