I want to select an AF frame before shooting (EOS 70D)

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I want to select an AF frame before shooting (EOS 70D)


Icons used on this page:
<>: AF point selection button / <>: AF area selection button / <>: Multi-controller / <>: Main Dial / <>: Quick Control Dial

You can manually select the AF point or zone. If 19-point automatic selection AF + AI Servo AF has been set, you can select any position where AI Servo AF is to start.

1. Set the cameras power switch to <ON>.

2. Set the lens focus mode switch to <AF>.

3. Turn the Mode Dial to a Creative Zone mode.

4. Press the <> or the <> button.
The selected AF point will be displayed in the viewfinder and on the LCD panel.
  • In the Zone AF mode, the selected zone will be displayed.

5. Select an AF point.
  • The AF point selection will change in the direction you tilt <>. If youpress <>, the center AF point (or center zone) will be selected.
  • You can also select a horizontal AF point by turning the <> dial and select a vertical AF point by turning the <> dial.
  • In the Zone AF mode, turning the <> or <> dial will change the zone in a looping sequence.
  • When you hold down the <> button and turn the <> dial, you can select a vertical AF point.
  • When you press the <> or <> button, the LCD panel displays the following:
19-point automatic selection AF and Zone AF (manual zone selection):
1 pt AF (Manual selection): (Center)/ (Off center)
With [ C.Fn II-10: Manual AF pt. selec. pattern], you can set either [Stops at AF area edges] or [Continuous]. For more information, please refer to [C.Fn II -10 Manual AF point selection pattern] in the camera`s instruction manual.



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