How do I set the ISO Speed (EOS 70D)

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How do I set the ISO Speed (EOS 70D)


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ISO Speed Guide

Set the ISO speed (image sensors sensitivity to light) to suit the ambient light level. In Basic Zone modes, the ISO speed is set automatically.

ISO Speed Guide
ISO SpeedShooting Situation
(No flash)
Flash Range
100 - 400Sunny outdoorsThe higher the ISO speed, the farther the flash range will be.
400 - 1600Overcast skies or evening time
1600 12800, HDark indoors or night
* High ISO speeds will result in grainier images.

  • If [ : Highlight tone priority] is set to [Enable], ISO 100/125/160 and "H" (equivalent to ISO 25600) cannot be set.
  • Shooting in high temperatures may result in images that look grainier. Long exposures can also cause irregular colors in the image.
  • When you shoot at high ISO speeds, noise (such as dots of light and banding) may become noticeable.
  • When shooting in conditions that produce an extreme amount of noise, such as a combination of high ISO speed, high temperature and long exposure, images may not be recorded properly.
  • As "H" (equivalent to ISO 25600) is an expanded ISO speed setting, noise (such as dots of light and banding) and irregular colors will be more noticeable, and the resolution will be lower than usual.
  • If you use a high ISO speed and flash to shoot a close subject, overexposure may result.
  • If you shoot a movie while "H" (equivalent to ISO 25600) is set, it will switch to ISO 12800 (with movie manual exposure shooting). Even if you switch back to still photo shooting, the ISO speed will not revert to the original setting.

  • Under [ : ISO speed settings], you can use [ISO speed range] to expand the settable ISO speed range up to ISO 25600 (H)
  • [ ] can be displayed in the viewfinder when you set the "H" expanded ISO speed.

Setting the ISO Speed

1. Set the cameras power switch to <ON>.

2. Press the <ISO> button.

3. While looking at the LCD panel or the viewfinder, turn the < > or < > dial.
ISO speed can be set within ISO 100 12800 in 1/3-stop increments.

"A" indicates Auto ISO. The ISO speed will be set automatically (See below.)
You can also press the <INFO.> button to set it to [A] (AUTO) .

About [A] (Auto) ISO Speed

If the ISO speed is set to [ A ] (Auto), the actual ISO speed to be set will be displayed when you press the shutter button halfway.
As indicated below, the ISO speed will be set automatically to suit the shooting mode.

Shooting ModeISO Speed Setting
/ / Automatically set within ISO 100 - ISO 6400
/ / / /
Automatically set within ISO 100 - ISO 1600
Automatically set within ISO 100 - ISO 12800
/ / / Automatically set within ISO 100 - ISO 12800*1
With flashISO400*1*2*3*4
*1: The actual ISO speed range depends on the [Minimum] and [Maximum] settings set in [Auto ISO range].
*2: If fill flash will cause overexposure, the minimum ISO 100 will be set (except in the and modes).
*3: Except in the
/ / modes.
*4: When using bounce flash with an external Speedlite in the
/ / / / or mode, the ISO speed will be set automatically within ISO 400 ISO 1600.



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