Reverting the Camera to the Default Settings (EOS 70D)

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Reverting the Camera to the Default Settings (EOS 70D)



The cameras shooting function settings and menu settings can be reverted to their defaults.
Icons used on this page:
[ ]: Function setting tab 4
*The icons and markings indicating the cameras buttons, dials, and settings correspond to the icons and markings on the camera and on the LCD monitor.



1. Set the cameras power switch to <ON>.  Make sure it is set to P, Tv, Av or M


2. Press the <MENU> button to display the menu screen.



3. Under the [ ] tab, select [Clear all camera settings], then press < >.



4. Select [OK], then press < >.



Setting [Clear all camera settings] will reset the camera to the following default settings:
Shooting Function
AF operation One-Shot AF Red-eye reduction Disable
AF area selection mode Auto selection:19 pt AF Multiple exposure Disable
Metering mode (Evaluative metering) HDR Mode Disable HDR
ISO speed Auto Mirror lockup Disable
ISO speed range Minimum limit: 100
Maximum limit: 12800
VF grid display Disable
Auto ISO range Minimum limit: 100
Maximum limit: 6400
Viewfinder level Hide
Minimum shutter speed Auto Custom Functions Unchanged
Drive mode (Single shooting) Flash control
Exposure compensation/AEB Canceled Flash firing Enable
Flash exposure compensation 0 (Zero) Flash sync. speed
in Av mode



Image-recording Settings
Image quality White balance bracketing Canceled
Picture Style Auto Color space sRGB
Auto Lighting Optimizer Standard Long exposure noise reduction Disable
Peripheral illumination correction Enable/ Correction data retained High ISO speed noise reduction Standard
Chromatic aberration correction Enable/ Correction data retained Highlight tone priority Disable
White balance (Auto) File numbering Continuous
Custom White Balance Canceled Auto cleaning Enable
White balance correction Canceled Dust Delete Data Erase


Camera Settings
Auto power off 1 min. LCD off/on button Remains on
Beep Enable Touch control Standard
Release shutter without card Enable Date/Time/Zone Unchanged
Image review 2 sec. Language Unchanged
Highlight alert Disable Video system Unchanged
AF point display Disable Feature guide Enable
Playback grid Off < INFO > button display options All items selected
Histogram display Brightness Custom shooting mode Unchanged
Movie playback count Unchanged Copyright information Unchanged
Control over HDMI Disable Eye-Fi transmission Disable
Image jump w/ (10 images) My Menu settings Unchanged
Auto rotate On Display from My Menu Disable
LCD brightness Wi-Fi* Disable
* The EOS 70D (N) does not have the Wi-Fi function (Not Displayed).


Refer to the Wi-Fi Function Instruction Manual for Wi-Fi function settings.



Live View Shooting Settings
Live View shooting Enable Aspect ratio 3:2
AF method +Tracking Exposure simulation Enable
Continuous AF Enable Silent LV shooting Mode 1
Touch shutter Disable Metering timer 16 sec.
Grid display Off    


Movie Shooting Settings
AF method +Tracking Time code
Movie Servo AF Enable Count up Unchanged
Silent LV shooting Mode 1 Start time setting Unchanged
Metering timer 16 sec. Movie recording count Unchanged
Grid display Off Movie playback count Unchanged
Movie recording size 19201080/IPB Drop frame Unchanged
Digital zoom Disable Video snapshot Disable
Sound recording Auto    



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