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Learn how to remove paper jams according to specific error codes.


Codes and solutions for paper jams

  • 1300 - Paper is jammed at the output slot.
  • 1304 - Paper is jammed when automatic duplex printing.
  • 1311 - Paper loaded in the cassette (upper) is jammed.
  • 1312 - Paper loaded in the cassette (lower) is jammed.
  • 1313 - Paper is jammed as the machine pulled in the printed paper.
  • 2801 - If the document is jammed in the auto document feeder (ADF).
  • Paper is torn or jammed inside the machine.

Clearing paper jams

Paper is stuck in the paper output slot
Try to remove it from the transport unit inside the printer.

No paper stuck in the transport unit
Check into removing a paper jam from behind the paper trays.

For instructions on how to remove a paper jam from inside the printer, refer to this video:


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