Cannot Print Documents from a Computer using USB (MF8080/MF8380)
Article ID: ART143327 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Is the printer driver properly installed on your computer?

Uninstall the printer driver and install it again.
Uninstalling the Software"
Installing the Drivers and Software"
Are there any jobs remaining in the print queue?

When a print job remains in the print queue without being processed due to an unexpected interruption, the machine may not respond. Delete the job and try to print it again. To delete print jobs from your computer, follow the steps in the procedure below:
(1) Open the printer folder. 

(2) Double-click the machine icon.
(3) The list of print jobs is displayed.

  • To delete all the print jobs
    Click [Printer] -> [Cancel All Documents].
  • To delete a specific print job
    Right-click the print job and click [Cancel].

If this does not work, delete the print job(s) manually from the machine.

Are the printer driver settings(paper size and output size) correct?
Configure the printer driver settings. "Configuring the Default Print Settings"
Is the USB cable properly connected?
Reconnect the USB cable and check the connection status. If necessary, try a different USB cable.
Does the USB port of your computer properly work?
Restart your computer and the machine and connect the machine to a different USB port on your computer.
Are you connected with the wireless LAN?

Check the following:

  • The distance between the machine and the wireless LAN router/access point is within 164Ô (50 m) (may vary depending on the communication speed and the network environment).
  • There are no obstacles between the wireless LAN router/access point and the machine.
  • There are no microwave ovens or refrigerators near the installation area.
  • When multiple networks are used, to avoid interference between the channels, each network will be set to a channel that is as far apart from other network channels as possible such as Ch.1, Ch.6, and Ch.11.

For information on checking and setting methods for channels, refer to the Operation Manual of the Wireless LAN Router/Access Point, or contact the manufacturer.
If there is no improvement Turn OFF the machine and wait for at least 10 seconds before turning it back ON.