Printing PDF Files (imageCLASS Android App LBP6770/LBP670/LBP7660/LBP7780 only)

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To print a PDF file, you need to have the PDF direct printing or PS printing function installed in the printer you are using.

1.In the Home screen of your Android terminal, tap [Canon M Print].

2.In the top screen of Canon Mobile Printing, tap [Documents].

3.Select a folder ? select the PDF file you want to print.

4.In the [Preview] screen, confirm or select the printer you want to use.

The printer name you selected last time you printed is displayed in [Printer].

If you are printing for the first time, or want to select a different printer from the one you used last time, tap [Printer] ? select the printer ? return to the [Preview] screen.

For details on how to configure the settings, see "Selecting/Detecting the Printer."


In the [Preview] screen, the number of pages and thumbnail images of PDF files are not displayed.

If you have selected a printer that does not support PDF printing, [Print] is grayed out and you cannot tap it.

5.If required, tap [Print Settings] ? configure the required settings ? return to the [Preview] screen.

For details on how to configure the print settings, see "Changing the Print Settings."


For [Print Range], you can only set [All] or [Specify Page] (from 1 to 99).

If a password prohibiting printing of the PDF file has been set, tap [PDF Password] and enter the password.

If an error occurs when printing a PDF for which a password has been set, an error message is not displayed in the Android terminal. An error message is displayed on the control panel of the printer.

6.Tap [Print] in the [Preview] screen.


From other apps, you can activate Canon Mobile Printing and print by following the procedure below.

1.Open (or select) the PDF file you want to print in the app.

2.Select [Share] or [Send] from the menu.

The name of the item on the menu differs for each app.

3.Select [Canon M Print].

4.Configure the settings as described in step 4 onward of this topic.

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