Loading a document in the P-208

Article ID: ART143388 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Follow these steps to properly load documents into the P-208.


Loading a document

  1. Open the feed tray to turn ON the scanner.

  2. Load the document.
    - Before you load the document, thoroughly fan the pages.
    - Straighten out the creases and folds at the ends of the manuscript.
    - Load the document into the feed inlet of the scanner with the scanning side of the document face down and the top of the document pointing down.
    - Align the document guides with edges of the loaded document.
    - Press the document beneath the tabs of the document guides.
    × Up to 10 pages of plain paper can be loaded at the same time.Make sure that the document does not exceed the loading limit marks ( ) on the document guides.

    - If the document is curved, straighten the document before loading it.
    - When the edge of the document is inserted in the feed inlet, the paper pressure lowers automatically. Do not move the needlessly move the paper pressure.
    - A scanned document is ejected behind the scanner. Do not place any objects behind the scanner.
    -  If double-feeding occurs, reduce the number of pages that you load into the scanner at one time.
    -  Depending on paper quality, you may hear unusual noises while scanning some documents, but this does not indicate a malfunction.

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