Setting the Self Timer

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Setting the Self Timer


The self timer is convenient for when you want to get shots of yourself with your family or friends. The shot will start after approximately 10 seconds.

When the [Shooting Mode] is set to [ ] (Baby) mode, this setting cannot be made. Please make the setting in [ ] (Auto), [ ] (Cinema), [ ] (Special Scene), or (Program AE).

1. Turn on the camcorder and make sure it is set to a recording mode.

2. Touch [ ].

3. Drag your finger left/right to bring the [Other Settings] menu to the center, and then touch the icon to open it.

4. Drag your finger up/down to bring the [Self Timer] setting into the orange selection bar, and then touch the button.

5. Touch [ On ].

Repeat, selecting [ Off], to turn off the self timer.

6. Touch [ ].
will appear on the screen.

In record pause mode, press <START/STOP>.
The camcorder starts recording after a 10-second countdown*. The countdown appears on the screen.

In record pause mode, touch [ ].
- The camcorder will record the photo after a 10-second countdown. The countdown appears on the screen.
- Photos cannot be recorded while the camcorder is set to (Cinema) mode.

  • Once the countdown has begun, any of the following actions will cancel the self timer.
- Pressing <START/STOP>, when recording movies.
- Touching [ ], when recording photos.
- Turning off the camcorder.
- Changing the camcorders operating mode.



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