Switching Shooting Modes (PowerShot N)

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Switching Shooting Modes (PowerShot N)


Switching to Specific Scenes Mode
The procedure for switching shooting modes is explained below.

Switching to Creative Shot Mode

The camera determines the subject and shooting conditions, automatically applying special effects and recomposing the shot to emphasize the subject. Six still images are recorded for each shot. You can capture multiple still images with effects using camera-determined settings. Note that the flash will not fire in this mode.

Set the mode switch to <>.

Switching to Auto (Smart Auto), or other Shooting Modes.

1. Press the power button to turn the camera on.

2. Set the mode switch to <>.

3. Touch [AUTO].

4. The following screen appears.

  • To view other shooting modes, touch [ ] [ ] or quickly drag left or right on the screen.

  • Touch the desired mode to view a description.
  • To confirm your choice, touch [OK].

The available shooting modes are listed below.
SceneShooting modeEffect
Shooting in [Auto] mode [Smart Auto] ( ) For fully automatic selection of the optimal settings for specific scenes, simply let the camera determine the subject and shooting conditions.
Shooting in Hybrid Auto Mode [Hybrid Auto] mode ( ) You can make a short movie of the day (digest movie). Just by shooting still images, the camera will automatically record a movie clip of the scene immediately before each shot.
Shooting in Program AE [ ] Mode You can customize many function settings to suit your preferred shooting style.
Applying Special Effects Shooting with a Fish-Eye Lens Effect [Fisheye Effect] ( )Shoot with the distorting effect of a fish-eye lens.
Shots Resembling Miniature Models [Miniature Effect] ( )Creates the effect of a miniature model, by blurring image areas above and below your selected area.
Shooting with a Toy Camera Effect [Toy Camera Effect] ( ) This effect makes images resemble shots from a toy camera by vignetting (darker, blurred image corners) and changing the overall color.
Shooting With a Soft Focus Effect [Soft Focus Effect] ( )This function allows you to shoot images as if a soft focus filter is attached to the camera.
Shooting in Monochrome [Monochrome] ( )Shoot images in black and white, sepia, or blue and white.
Shooting Super Slow Motion Movies [Super Slow Motion Movie] ( )You can shoot fast-moving subjects for playback later in slow motion.

This completes the steps for switching shooting modes.



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