Locating and Detaching / Attaching the Printing Disc Tray

Article ID: ART143856 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


For printing on printable CD / DVD / Blu-Ray discs


How to Detach / Attach the Disc Tray

Detaching the disc tray

The disk tray is located on the underside of the upper paper cassette.  Pull out the upper paper cassette and turn it over so that you are viewing the bottom of the cassette.

Slide the disc tray to the side on the back of the cassette (upper) and raise it to detach.


 Be sure to remove all orange shipping tapes on the disc tray.

Attaching the disc tray

Align the holes of the disc tray with the hooks on the back of the cassette (upper) and slide it to attach.


 Be sure to align each hole of the disc tray with its corresponding hook on the back of the cassette (upper). If the disc tray is not attached properly, the disc tray may be damaged during insertion of the cassette (upper) into the printer.

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