Checking how much space on the built-in memory or memory card is available/used

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Checking how much space on the built-in memory or memory card is available/used


You can check how much total space is available on the memory and memory card (and how much is used), how much time is available for recording videos (and how much is used for video recordings), and how many still images have been taken (and how many more can be taken). For memory cards, you can also check the SD Speed Class.
You can check the amount of space available or space used from the setup menu in the following modes
  • [Available Space in Memory]: Recording mode
  • [Used Space in Memory]: Playback mode

This section explains how to check the [Available Space in Memory].
The operational screen display may differ depending on the model you use.

1. Turn on the camcorder.

2. Touch [ ].

3. Drag your finger left/right to bring [Other Settings] menu to the center, and then touch to open it.

4. Touch the [ ] tab.

5. Drag your finger up and down bring [Available Space in Memory] into the orange selection bar, and then touch the button.

6. Touch [ ] (built-in memory), or [ ] (memory card).
* VIXIA HF R400/R500 / LEGRIA HF R406/R506: Only shows how much of the memory card is currently available for recording or how much is in use.

7. Check the space available.
The following screen appears when you select [memory card].

SD Speed Class
Total space
Available Space
AVCHD movies: Shooting time available
MP4 movies: Shooting time available
Still images: Number of shots possible
*The [Total space] shown for the built-in memory indicates actually usable space. It may be slightly smaller than the nominal built-in memory capacity listed in the specifications.
The recording time available and number of shots possible are calculated using the currently set recording mode or still image size (1920×±080).
You can check the [Used Space in Memory] as follows.
Total space
Used Space
AVCHD movies: Shooting time used
MP4 movies: Shooting time used
Still images: Number of shots taken



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