ImageBrowser EX Does not Operate Correctly / Uninstalling and Reinstalling ImageBrowser EX (Windows 8)

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ImageBrowser EX Does not Operate Correctly / Uninstalling and Reinstalling ImageBrowser EX (Windows 8)


When ImageBrowser EX does not operate correctly, uninstalling (deleting) and reinstalling the software is recommended.
The procedure for uninstalling/reinstalling the software is explained below.
Before uninstalling (deleting) ImageBrowser EX, confirm that all open programs have been closed.

Uninstalling (deleting) ImageBrowser EX

1. move the pointer to the bottom right side of the screen. When the Charms bar is displayed, move the pointer up to select [Settings]. Next, select the [Control Panel].

2. Click [Uninstall a program].

3. Select[Canon Utilities ImageBrowser EX], and then click [Uninstall/Change].

4. Click [OK] to begin the uninstallation of ImageBrowser EX.

5. If the software is successfully uninstalled, the following screen will appear. Click [OK] to close the window.

Reinstalling ImageBrowser EX

1. After uninstalling ImageBrowser EX, make sure to restart your computer.
  • If the computer is not restarted after uninstalling ImageBrowser EX, operation problems may occur when the software is reinstalled.
  • Refrain from connecting the camera to the computer before completing the reinstallation process, as misoperation may occur. Also check the ImageBrowser EX User guide to make sure the computer meets the system requirements for running the software.
  • Using the auto update function of ImageBrowser EX, you can update to the latest version and download new functions via the Internet, so be sure to install the software on a computer with an Internet connection.
  • Internet access is required to use this function, and any ISP account charges and access fees must be paid separately.

2. Confirm the version information appearing on your Digital Camera Solution Disk, before installing the software.
  • If the version number is listed as Ver. 101.0 or earlier or if you do not have the Digital Camera Solution Disk, download the [ImageBrowser EX] software or [Digital Camera Software] from the Canon home page and follow the instructions displayed. If the [User Account Control] screen is displayed, follow the procedure as described.
  • If the version number on your Digital Camera Solution Disk is listed as Ver. 102.0 or later, install using the procedure below.

3. Insert the Digital Camera Solution Disk into your computer.
Click the window that appears in the upper right of your screen.

4. If the following screen appears, click [Run SETUP.EXE].

5. Select the area in which you live.

6. Select the country where you live, and then click [Next].

7. Click [Custom Installation] when the screen below is displayed.

8. Click [OK].

9. When the screen below appears, append ImageBrowser EX with a checkmark (), and then click [Next].

10. Click [Install].

11. Click [Yes] to accept the License Agreement.

12. When using Digital Camera Solution Disk Ver.102.0 or later, the screen below will appear on computers connected to the internet. If you agree to the disclaimers, click [Yes].

13. If the following screen appears, click [Yes].

14. The following screen appears.

15. Connect the camera to the computer using the interface cable.
* The example below shows the setting procedure for the PowerShot A2600. The position and shape of operational buttons may differ depending on the model you use.
With the camera turned off, open the cover. With the smaller plug of the included interface cable in the orientation shown, insert the plug fully into the camera terminal. Insert the larger plug of the interface cable in the computers USB port. For details about USB connections on the computer, refer to the computer user manual.

16. Turn the camera on.

17. Click [Next].

To do the installation without connecting the camera, select the [Install without connecting the device] check box (), and then click [Next]. When the next screen appears, click [OK] and proceed to step 18.

18. The following screen appears, and installation begins.

19. When the following screen appears, click [Install Now]. Follow the instructions displayed to continue installation.

If Microsoft Silverlight is not installed on the computer, ImageBrowser EX will not run. Make sure to install Microsoft Silverlight.

20. Click [Next].

21. The following screen appears.
  • In this example [No, I will register later] has been selected, and [Next] will be clicked.
(To register in CANON iMAGE GATEWAY, select [Yes, I would].)

22. Click [OK].

23. If you would like to restart your computer at this point (recommended), check [Restart Computer immediately (Recommended)] and click [Restart].
If you do not wish to restart at this point, make sure to restart before using ImageBrowser EX.

24. Remove the CD after restarting the computer

This concludes the reinstallation procedure for ImageBrowser EX.

Problems continue even after ImageBrowser EX has been reinstalled

If the following problems occur even after ImageBrowser EX has been reinstalled, there is a possibility that the database file for ImageBrowser EX may be corrupted.
  • ImageBrowser EX does not start.
  • Nothing is displayed (images, information, etc.) after ImageBrowser EX is started.
Please follow the procedure explained below to delete the ImageBrowser EX database file, then try restarting ImageBrowser EX.
Please note that data information (operational history, etc.) contained in the ImageBrowser EX database file will also be deleted.

1. Before beginning the procedure, make sure to close ImageBrowser EX.

2. Click [Explorer] to display [Libraries].

3. Click [Computer].

4. Double-click the [C:] drive.

5. Double-click [Program Files(x86)].

6. Double-click the [Canon] folder.

7. Double-click the [ImageBrowser EX] folder.

8. Double-click [IBX_DBcleaner].
Depending on the settings of your operating system, [IBX_DBcleaner.exe] may be displayed.

9. If the following screen is displayed, click [Yes].

10. If the following screen is displayed, click [OK].

11. Start ImageBrowser EX.
After the initial database file has been deleted, a new database file will automatically be created by ImageBrowseEX the next time it is started. This operation may take some time.

This completes the procedure for deleting the ImageBrowseEX database file.



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