About the MP Navigator EX Scan App

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Learn more about what you can do with the scanning software application MP Navigator EX.


Note If you already have Canon's scanner driver (ScanGear) installed, you won't need to install MP Navigator EX. You can also use a TWAIN-compliant scanning application.

MP Navigator EX features

With this app you can:
  • Scan multiple documents at one time.

  • Scan images larger than the scanner surface.

  • Save scanned images.

  • Attach scanned images to email.

  • Print scanned images.


There are two main types of MP Navigator EX screens:

1. Navigation Mode Screen
2. One-click mode screen

1. Navigation Mode Screen

The Navigation Mode screen is the starting place if you want to:

  • Complete a simple scan.

  • Scan using ScanGear (scanner driver).

  • Enhance/correct images.

Note The screenshots below may differ from your ScanGear interface.

Figure shows MP Navigator EX Mode screen

2. One-click mode screen

From this screen you can complete tasks with one click, including:

  • Scan

  • Save

  • Mail, etc.

Figure shows Canon MP Navigator EX one-click mode screen

Other screens

In addition to the two main screens shown above, you can complete tasks from the following windows:

  • Scan / Import Window
    From this window you can scan photos, documents and film, or import images from memory cards.

    Figure shows Canon MP Navigator EX Scan/Import window

  • View & Use Window
    From this window, you can select what you want to do with the scanned images.

    Figure shows Canon MP Navigator EX View & Use window

Canon See file formats for data formats (extensions) supported by MP Navigator EX.

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