Examining the Nozzle Check Pattern - MG6320

Article ID: ART148907 | Date published: 05/20/2015 | Date last updated: 04/02/2018


This article shows what to look for in the nozzle check pattern printed from the PIXMA MG6320.



Examine the nozzle check pattern, and clean the print head if necessary.

(A) No missing lines/No horizontal white streaks

(B) Lines are missing/Horizontal white streaks are present

(C) Number of sheets printed so far

  1. Check if there are missing lines in the pattern (1) or horizontal white streaks in the pattern (2).

  2. Select the pattern that is closer to the printed nozzle check pattern on the confirmation screen.

    Figure: Touch screen Figure: Touch screen

    For (A) (no missing lines or no horizontal white streaks) in the pattern (1) and pattern (2):

    (1) The cleaning is not required. Tap All A.

    (2) Confirm the message, then tap OK.

    The screen will return to the Maintenance screen.



 Touch the HOME button to exit Setup and display the HOME screen.



For (B) (lines are missing or horizontal white streaks are present) in the pattern (1) or pattern (2), or in the pattern (1) and pattern (2):

(1) The cleaning is required. Tap Also B.

The cleaning confirmation screen will appear.

(2) Tap Yes.

The machine starts cleaning the print head.

Cleaning the Print Head



 The total number of sheets printed so far is shown in increments of 50 sheets on the printout of the nozzle check pattern.

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