Install PIXMA MX922 Printer Software on a Mac Wirelessly

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Get video or written help to install PIXMA MX922 software on a Mac already connected to a wireless network.


Follow the video or written instructions below to install your printer software on a Mac® that's already connected to a wireless network.

Tip Instructions are also available if your Mac doesn't have a DVD / CD drive.


Video - Set up your wireless MX922 to work with a Mac

Written instructions

Before you begin

Install the printer software

  1. Insert the CD that came with your printer, and select the Setup icon to begin installation.

  2. Select Download.

    download dialog
  3. When the Download Complete window appears, select Next.

    Download is complete screen with next selected

    Note To keep a copy of the download file for possible future use or to re-install, be sure to check the "Save a file for setting up......" checkbox.

  4. Select Next to install the helper tool.

    Setup window with Next selected

  5. Enter your user information and password, then select Install Helper.

    User name and password entered into fields, Install Helper selected at bottom right of screen

  6. Select Next.

    Install window with Next selected

  7. Continue to follow the on-screen instructions until the Software Installation List appears.
    Note Only MP Drivers and Canon IJ Network Tool are required; however, we recommended ScanGearMy Image Garden and Quick Menu to take full advantage of your printer's features.

    software list window with MP Drivers and Canon IJ Network tool selected

  8. After you choose the software to install, select Next.

  9. Select Yes on the License Agreement.

  10. Setup continues and may take some time. Continue to follow any on-screen instructions that appear.

  11. When the Add Printer screen appears, click Add Printer.

    Add printer window
  12. Select the MX920 series with Canon IJ Network listed in the Kind column. Select Add.

    MX920 selected under printer name

  13. On the Add Printer screen, select Next.

    Add Printer screen

  14. Continue to follow instructions to finish and exit setup. Your printer software is installed and set up.


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