Specifying the Print Mode - CP740

Article ID: ART150817 | Date published: 05/22/2015 | Date last updated: 12/28/2015


Specifying the Print Mode - CP740


Selecting Modes

Select a mode to set the print operation.

Prints one copy of the displayed image.
Prints the specified number of copies of the selected images.
Prints a copy of all images on a memory card, one to a sheet.
Prints according to the DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) settings selected in the camera. See your camera user guide for the instructions on DPOF settings.


Note: SELPHY printers use the shooting data recorded when the image is shot to print a finer quality print. To switch this special processing function off, press and hold the Date Button while pressing the Print/Stop button to start printing.

Selecting an Operation Mode

  1. Press the Mode button.
    The operation mode list will display

  2. Press or to select an operation mode.

  3. Press the Mode button again.



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