Deleting Group Dial-L75
Article ID: ART150831 | Date published: 05/22/2015 | Date last updated: 01/20/2016


To delete a group dial, follow these steps.


In order to delete a group dial, you must clear all the data registered to that key.

  1. Press <Data Registration>.
  2. Use or to select [TEL REGISTRATION].
  3. Press <Set>.
  4. Press or to select [Group Dial].
  5. Use or to select the group speed dialing button (01 to 24) that you want to delete if one touch. For coded dial, press <Coded Dial> then the numeric keys (00-99) of the group.

    (For example, the display will show: "04=GROUP DIAL")
  6. Press <Set> twice.
  7. Press <Clear> to delete the telephone numbers and then press <Set>.
  8. Press <Set> and the name will be displayed.
  9. Press <Set> again, then <Clear> to erase the name.
  10. Press <Set> once.
  11. Press <Stop/Reset> to return back to standby mode.