Copying (L90)

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Follow this procedure to make a copy.

1. Set the document

Adjust the document guide (A) to the width of the document, and insert the document face up in the ADF (B).

2. Enter the Copy Mode.

Press [Copy].

The copy mode automatically reset to the fax mode after one minute of inactivity, or when your press [Stop/Reset].

3. Adjust the Scan settings as desired.

To adjust Image Quality, press [Image Quality] repeatedly to select the document type.

  • Text: For text documents
  • Photo: For documents that contain fine text or photos.
  • Text/Photo: For documents that contain text and photos.

To adjust Density, press the [Density] button.

  • Auto
  • Manual: Press or to adjust the density lighter or darker.

4. Enter the Copy Quantity.

Use the numeric keys to enter the desired copy quantity (1 to 99)

5. Press [Start].



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