How do I use the RC-5 Remote Control with the Elph 2

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How do I use the RC-5 Remote Control?


Shooting with the Optional Remote-Control

Use the remote control to release the shutter from up to 5 m (18 .4 ft .) in front of the camera.

Set the camera to Remote Control mode.
  • Press the button.
  • The icon appears on the LCD panel .
  • If you press the button again, the disappears and Remote Control mode is cancelled .

Take the picture.

  • Lock the focus and then compose your shot . Then point the remote control transmitter towards the sensor on the camera and press the transmitter button .
  • The red-eye reduction lamp blinks once a second (or remains lit when red-eye reduction is used) and a countdown is displayed on the LCD panel to show that the camera has received the signal from the remote control .
  • The shutter is released approximately 2 seconds later.

Replacing the Remote Control Battery

Replace the battery when the remote control will no longer release the shutter .

Battery: One CFf 2032 3V lithium battery

Pull out the battery holder.
  • Use a pen or other pointed implement to push in the release button as you slide the battery holder out.
Load a new battery into the holder and fit the holder back into the remote control .
  • Ensure that the + and - terminals are positioned correctly
  • Remote control photography may not be possible if the remote control sensor on the camera is exposed to sunlight ar strong fluorescent light. In such situations, use the self-timer to take the picture, or move the camera to another location.
  • The camera's remote control function may net operate correctly if the camera is close to a fluorescent light during signal reception. If this occurs, move the camera away from the fluorescent light.
  • Remote control shots can be taken for the 4 minutes that the icon is displayed.
  • Set the camera on a steady surface or use a tripod.
  • The Focus Lock function can be used in the same way as in normal photography



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