Load Paper in the PIXMA PRO-1
Article ID: ART151112 | Date published: 05/22/2015 | Date last updated: 02/18/2020


Learn how to load different sizes and types of paper in the PIXMA PRO-1 printer.


The steps below show you how to load paper in the PRO-1 printer. Before you load and print, it's important to know a few things about paper.

Prepare the paper

  • Align the edges of paper neatly before loading.

  • If paper is curled, hold the curled corners and gently bend them in the opposite direction until the paper becomes completely flat.

    Image shows paper being bent in the opposite direction of the curve

  • Always load paper in portrait orientation (C). Loading paper in landscape orientation (D) may cause paper jams.

    Figure shows warning: Load paper in portrait (C), not landscape (D) mode

Load paper in the rear tray

  1. Prepare the paper as shown above.

  2. Open the paper support on the rear tray (1) and the paper output tray (2). Pull out the output tray extension (3). If there is an inner cover (A), close it.

    Figure shows the paper support open (1), the paper output tray (2), and the paper output extension (3) open. The inner cover closed (A)
  3. Open the feed slot cover.

    Feed slot cover in open position
  4. Slide the paper guides (B) to open them, and load the paper in the center of the tray (5), with the print side facing you.

  5. Slide the paper guides (B) to align with the sides of the paper stack. Don't slide the paper guides too hard against the paper, or it may not feed properly.

    Paper loaded in center of tray (5), with paper guides aligned against sides of stack (6)(B)

  6. Don't load sheets of paper higher than the load limit mark (E).
    Note The raised parts (F) on the paper guides retract depending on the size of the loaded paper. Do not push these parts down with your finger.

    Figure shows load limit mark (E) and raised part of paper guides (F)
  7. Close the feed slot cover gently.

Load paper in the manual feed tray

Caution The manual feed tray doesn't accept plain paper. When printing on plain paper, load it in the rear tray.

  1. If your printer has an inner cover (A), close it.

  2. Open the paper support (1), and pull it out. Gently open the paper output tray (2), and pull out the output tray extension (3).

    Figure shows inner cover (A) closed, paper support (1), paper output tray (2) and tray extension (3) open
  3. Slide the paper guides (B), to open them, and load only one sheet of paper in the center of the manual feed tray (4), with the print side facing you.

  4. ​Slide the Paper Guides (B) to align them with sides of the paper. Don't push them too hard against the paper or it may not be fed properly.

    Image shows one sheet of paper loaded (4), and paper guides open (5)(B)
  1. Make sure that the paper is set firmly against the bottom of the manual feed tray and against the paper guides by slightly jiggling the paper up and down.

    Shows paper jiggled up and down to seat
  2. From your printer driver, select Manual Feed in Paper Source, and specify the paper size and type in Printer Paper Size and Media Type. Learn how to print from your computer.

  3. Wait until print completes to load the next sheet.

About paper

  • Refer to Media types you can use for details on the type and amount of paper you can use for a specific print project.

  • We recommend Canon genuine photo paper for printing photos.

  • If you cut plain paper into small sizes such as 4"x 6" (10x15 cm), or 5"x7" (13x18cm), it can cause paper jams.

  • The manual feed tray doesn't accept plain paper. When printing on plain paper, load it in the rear tray.