Print From an iOS Device to a SELPHY CP910 Printer

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Learn how to print wirelessly from an iOS device to a SELPHY CP910.


You can print images saved on your iPhone wirelessly, the instructions below will explain how to connect your device to get started.

  • ‚ÄčEven in places without a router, you can print directly from an iPhone connected wirelessly to this printer.

 Some printer features are not available when printing via Wi-Fi


Before you begin

Using AirPrint®, you can print directly from an iPhone®,  iPad®, or iPod Touch® without installing a printer driver or dedicated application.
  • AirPrint requires one of the following devices
  • iPad

  • iPhone (3GS or later)

  • iPod Touch (third generation or later)

Make sure the latest version of iOS® is installed.


Connect the iPhone®

 The example procedure is shown on an iPhone installed with iOS 13.3.1. The setting procedures and screens shown may differ depending on the version you use.

  1. Turn the iPhone on.

  2. Confirm that the iPhone is not set to Airplane mode.

  3.  Tap Settings.

  4.  Tap Wi-Fi (1), and then set the Wi-Fi switch to ON (2).

iPhone: Settings screen, turn on Wi-Fi
  1. Prepare SELPHY.
  • Remove any inserted memory cards or USB flash drives.

  • Insert a loaded paper cassette and an ink cassette in SELPHY.

For more information, please refer to printing images with your new SELPHY CP910 photo printer.

  1.  Access the setting screen.
  • Tap MENU .

  • Press the up or down arrow  to select Wi-Fi Settings, then tap OK.

  • Press the up or down arrow  to select Connection Settings, then tap OK.

CP910: Wi-Fi Settings screen, Connection Settings highlighted

Operation panel of CP910: Menu button, up and down arrows, OK button shaded in blue

  1.  Check the printer name.
  • Check the displayed printer name and tap OK.

  • When you connect devices via Wi-Fi, this name will be displayed on the target device to identify the printer.

  • You can change the printer name by pressing the EDIT button.

CP910: Set Printer Name screen, Canon CP910 in text field

Operation panel of CP910: OK button shaded in blue

  1.  Choose the connection method.
  • Press the up or down arrow  to select Direct Connection, then tap OK.

CP910: Connection Method screen, Direct Connection highlighted

Operation Panel of CP910: Up and Down arrows, OK button shaded in blue

  1. The screen below displays.
  • You can change the password by pressing the EDIT button.

CP910 Screen: SSID and Password displayed

  1. Use your iPhone to join the network displayed on the printer screen.
  • In the smartphone's Wi-Fi settings, select the SSID (network name) displayed on the printer.

  • Enter the password displayed on the printer into the password field.

 When entering the password, please be careful of numbers and letters that may be easily confused ( '1' and 'I', or '0' and 'o').

iPhone: Wi-Fi settings creen, select the printer's SSID (network name) and enter its password to connect

  1. After confirming that iPhone and the camera are connected, return to the Home screen.
  2. Use the iPhone application software to select the image you want to print.

iPhone: Tap Photos

  1. Tap   to display the menu.

iPhone: Tap Share icon (highlighted in red)

  1. Tap Print.

iPhone: Tap Print (outlined in red)

  1. Configure printer options.
  • In Printer (1), choose Canon CP910 (2), and specify the number of copies.  Then then tap Print (3).

iPhone: Choose the printer, the number of copies, then tap Print

 Printer Options may not be displayed depending on AirPrint® compatibility of the application. If printer options are not available, printing is not possible from the application.

  1. Once printing begins, the following screen displays.
  • Do not disconnect the devices or close the application while this screen displays. Images may not print correctly or completely.

 Printing in progress cannot be canceled from SELPHY by using the <> button. Use the smartphone to stop printing.

  • To perform another operation while printing is in progress:

    • iPhone X and later: Swipe up from the bottom edge and pause in the center of the screen.

    • Other models: Double-click the Home button.

      • The Print Center icon will be displayed.

        • - To check the status:

          • Tap the Print Center icon.

        • - To cancel printing:

          • Tap the Print Center icon, and then tap Cancel Printing.

  1. The standby screen displays when printing is finished.

 The printer does not enable communication between the devices connected to it.



Subsequent Prints

  • Once you have completed the connection settings, the second, standby screen is displayed automatically when you turn on the printer. To print, after the standby screen is displayed, simply use the smartphone as described from step 12.

  • During standby-screen display, you can view the SSID and password by pressing the OK button. You can also change the password on the screen displayed by pressing the EDIT button.

  • Even during standby, you can print images on a memory card by inserting the card to access the image display screen.

If your product issue was not resolved after following the steps above, or if you require additional help, please create or log in to your Canon Account to see your technical support options.

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