MT-24EX : How to set and use the Second-Curtain Sync mode.
Article ID: ART151517 | Date published: 05/22/2015 | Date last updated: 02/04/2016


How to set and use the Second-Curtain Sync mode.


Normally, the flash fires in synchronization with the first shutter curtain when the shutter is fully open. With second-curtain synchronization, the flash fires immediately before the second shutter closes at the end of the exposure
Set the shooting mode with the camera

Press the <+> or <-> buttons simultaneously to select on the LCD panel.

  • Each time you press the <+> and <-> buttons simultaneously, the synchronization mode changes in the following loop:

Focus and take the picture

  • Check that the flash icon is displayed in the viewfinder before taking the picture
  • To cancel second-curtain synchronization press the <+> and <-> buttons simultaneously to turn off the icon on the LCD panel
  • With the Rebel G, TTL autoflash is used with second-curtain synchronization
  • Second-curtain synchronization does not work with camera's (Full Auto) shooting mode and Programmed Image Control modes