Print all documents in FAX-JX200 / JX210P memory

Article ID: ART151598 | Date published: 05/22/2015 | Date last updated: 12/29/2015


Your fax can print a list of documents stored in memory, along with the transaction number (TX/RX NO.) of each document. Once you know the transaction number of a document in memory, you can print it or delete it.


Printing All Unprinted Documents in Memory

  1. Press <Menu>.

  2. Use to select [MEMORY REFERENCE], then press <Start/Copy>.

  3. Use to select [PRINT ALL NEW RX].

  4. Press <Start/Copy>.
    The fax prints the documents one at a time, after each the reception number is displayed on the LCD.

  5. After printing, the LCD displays [YES=() NO=(#)].

  6. Press () to delete the previous printed documents. If you want to keep the documents in memory, press [#].



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