Registering coded speed dial on FAX-JX200

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Use coded speed dialing to dial a fax number at the press of three buttons. A fax/telephone number can be registered under each two-digit code .


Registering Coded Speed Dialing Numbers and Names

One-touch speed dialing allows you to dial a number by pressing a single button. Before you can use one-touch speed dialing, you must register the receiving number with your fax. You can also register the name of the party; the name appears on the printout of the one-touch speed dialing list.

1. Press <Menu>.

2. Use to select [TEL REGISTRATION], then press <Start/Copy>. The LCD displays [1-TOUCH SPD DIAL].

3.Use to select [CODED SPEED DIAL], then press <Start/Copy>. The LCD displays [00].

4. Use to select the two-digit code (00-59) under which you want to register the number, then press <Start/Copy> twice. If a number is already registered under this coded speed dialing button, the number is displayed on the LCD.

5. Enter the party's number (up to 60 digits) using the numeric buttons (see below), then press <Start/Copy> twice.

6. Enter the party's name (up to 16 letters) using the numeric buttons(see below), then press <Start/Copy> to register the name.

Note : To delete the name and number registered under the one-touch speed dialing button, press <Clear> and <Start/Copy> after you perform steps 1 to 4.

7. To assign additional coded speed dialing numbers, repeat from step 4. To finish, press <Stop>.

Guidelines for Entering Numbers, Letters, and Symbols

When you come to a step that requires you to enter a name or number, see the table below to determine which numeric button to press for the letter you want.

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Entering Numbers, Letters, and Symbols :

1. Press to switch between the letter and number mode.

2. Use the numeric buttons to enter characters.

To enter a character that is under the same button as the previous entry:

Press , then press the same numeric button.

To enter a space:

Press or press <Space>.

To delete a character:

In number mode, press . In uppercase or lowercase mode, use or to move the cursor under the incorrect letter. Then press <Space>.

To delete an entire entry:

Press <Clear>.

3. Continue entering other letters or numbers using the numeric buttons.

4. When you have finished entering characters, press <Start/Copy> to register the entry.

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