Register user name and telephone number on FAX-JX200

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When sending a document, the sending fax number and name (known as ID) and the sending date and time print out at the receiving fax machine.


Registering Your Fax/Telephone Number and Name

This information appears at the top of each document you send.

1. Press <Menu>.

2. Use to scroll through the menus and select [DATA REGSTRATION], then press <Start/Copy> twice. The LCD displays [DATE & TIME].

3. Use to select [UNIT TELEPHONE #], then press <Start/Copy>.

4. Enter your fax number (up to 20 digits) using the numeric buttons (see below), then press <Start/ Copy> twice. You can enter a space to make your number easier to read.

5. Enter your name (up to 24 letters) using the numeric buttons (see below), then press <Start/ Copy>

6. Press <Stop>. Registration ends and the fax returns to standby mode.

Guidelines for Entering Numbers, Letters, and Symbols

When you come to a step that requires you to enter a name or number, see the table below to determine which numeric button to press for the letter you want.

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Entering Numbers, Letters, and Symbols :

1. Press to switch between the letter and number mode.

2. Use the numeric buttons to enter characters.

To enter a character that is under the same button as the previous entry:

Press , then press the same numeric button.

To enter a space:

Press or press <Space>.

To delete a character:

In number mode, press . In uppercase or lowercase mode, use or to move the cursor under the incorrect letter. Then press <Space>.

To delete an entire entry:

Press <Clear>.

3. Continue entering other letters or numbers using the numeric buttons.

4. When you have finished entering characters, press <Start/Copy> to register the entry.

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