Troubleshooting paper jams FAX-JX200

Article ID: ART151607 | Date published: 05/22/2015 | Date last updated: 12/29/2015


If paper jams in the multi-purpose tray, [CLEAR PAPER JAM] is displayed. Use the following instructions to remove the paper jam.


Troubleshooting Paper Jams

Jams in the Document Tray

When a document jams or misfeeds in the Document Tray, [OPEN COVER] and [SEE FIG. 1] [!!CHECK!! 5100] are displayed on the LCD.

Note : You do not need to unplug the fax when clearing document jams.

When [OPEN COVER] and [SEE FIG. 1] are displayed alternatively :

1. Press <Stop>.

Important : Do not pull out the jammed paper manually at this point.

2. Hold down <Start/Copy> for a few seconds.

The document will be fed out automatically. If the document is not fed out, gently pull the document out of the fax

When [!!CHECK!! 5100] is displayed

1. Check if any paper is jammed. If jammed, make sure to take out all the jammed paper.

2. After taking out jammed paper, turn the fax off, then turn it back on with <ON/OFF>.

Jams in the Multi-Purpose Tray

If paper jams in the Multi-Purpose Tray, [CLEAR PAPER JAM] is displayed on the LCD.

1. Gently pull any jammed paper out of the fax as shown, then press <Stop>.

Pull it gently in either direction. If you cannot pull the paper out, continue with the steps below.

2. Open the printer cover. and then close the cover.

3. Gently remove the jammed paper inside the fax. Once paper has been removed from the Sheet Feeder, check inside the sheet feeder area for any foreign material and remove it.

4. Press <Stop>. The fax returns to standby mode.



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