Setting the FAX-JX200 / JX210P receive mode

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For the fax machine to work effectively, it must be set to the proper receive mode.


Receive mode options

Determine the receive mode that best suits your needs. From the receive mode menu, select from the following.

Receive Mode Main Use Operation Requirements
Fax/Tel Mode Fax/Tel Automatically switch between fax and voice calls. Faxes will be received automatically, and the machine will ring for voice calls. A telephone connected to your machine will not ring.*
MANUAL MODE Tel Machine rings for every call, whether a fax call or a voice call. Fax calls must be answered manually. Telephone connected to the machine.*
ANS.MACHINE MODE ANS. MACH. Automatically switch between fax and voice calls. After the answering machine answers the call, the machine will monitor the phone line for a sent fax. If the machine does not detect a fax is being sent, the answering machine will record an incoming message. An answering machine connected to the fax.
FAX ONLY MODE Fax Automatically receive faxes only. Voice calls will be disconnected. Separate telephone line for fax use only.
DRPD Fax/Tel Allows you to have separate fax and telephone numbers that you distinguish by the type of ring. Subscription to a distinctive ring service offered by some phone companies.
  1. Connect the telephone line cord from the phone jack on the wall to the Telephone Line port on the fax.

  2. Connect a telephone or answering machine to the extension phone port on the fax machine.

  3. Connect the supplied handset to the Fax Handset port on the fax.

On the operation panel, press the following buttons to select the appropriate receive mode.

  1. Press <Receive Mode/Resolution> repeatedly to select the appropriate receive mode.

  2. Press <Start/Copy>.
    The fax returns to standby mode.



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