FTb QL : How to adjust the exposure.

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How to adjust the exposure.


Full Aperture Metering

Full aperture metering can be performed with an FD lens which has an aperture signal lever and pin

Set the meter switch to "ON"

Set the shutter speed dial at the desired speed

Face the camera towards the subject, look into the viewfinder and check the position of the meter needle and aperture needle
  • The meter needle is coupled to the film and shutter speeds and moves vertically according to the brightness of the subject. The aperture needle with the round circle is coupled to the preset aperture right of the FD lens
Turn the preset aperture ring and align the aperture needle with the meter needle
  • The A mark on the preset aperture ring is for the Servo EE Finder to be used with the Canon F-1 only
  • In case of f/stop priority, turn the shutter speed dial, and align the meter needle with the aperture needle. Be sure to set the shutter speed dial at a click-stop position.
If the aperture needle does not align with the meter needle by turning the preset aperture ring, it means that the shutter speed is not properly set. In this case align the two needles by turn the shutter speed dial.
  • The moving range of the aperture needle inside the viewfinder changes according to the lens speed. Thus, it will not always move vertically the full length of the viewfinder. Change the shutter speed when the aperture needle cannot be aligned with the meter needle
When the shutter is set on the high speed side, the meter needle moves downward. When it is set at a slower speed, the needle moves upward. When the shutter is set a a slow speed outside the meter coupling range, the red signal appears at the bottom of the viewfinder and metering is not possible even if the f/stop is changed. When the red signal appears and metering cannot be performed, use high-speed film or the optional Canon Booster.
  • Select a faster shutter speed when the meter needle swings all the way up and a slower speed when it swings all the way down.
  • Since the shutter speed dial cannot be set at the intermediate positions, the shutter speed priority method is recommended when exposure accuracy is a crucial factor.



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